About Us

About Us

Wildlife Materials, Inc., (WMI) has been manufacturing high quality telemetry based tracking transmitters and receivers since 1970.  We started out building equipment for studying and locating wildlife species around the world.  Our tracking equipment has been seen on many national televised nature shows.  www.wildlifematerials.com

We also build tracking collars for sport dog recovery for valuable hunting dogs throughout the United States and abroad.    www.wildlifematerials.com

In 1986 our company started tracking people with Alzheimer’s disease and kids with Autism who had a tendency to wander off from familiar surroundings.  Hundreds of law enforcement agencies use this equipment on thousands of people have been successfully located with an average rescue time of less than 30 minutes.  www.caretrak.com

Decades ago we were approached by Jim Walston of Smyrna, Georgia who convinced us the Free Flight model airplane enthusiasts needed a tracking system to locate aircraft that has been lost. The model rocketry market soon followed suit.  Jim became the lone distributor for our products to those markets until his retirement in 2016.

We are happy to announce we will continue Jim’s legacy of providing the highest quality telemetry based tracking equipment to help fliers quickly recover their downed aircraft. You can now talk directly with the manufacturer.

This website offers an extensive list of traditional models of transmitters and receivers hand built for the model aviator. If you don’t find what you need we can build you a custom transmitter for your plane or rocket. Our motto is “If you lose it, you can find it.”

We appreciate your business.